9-1-1 Recap: An Unexpected Return Results in a Chaotic Cliffhanger

911 Recap

9-1-1 spent most of Monday’s episode foreshadowing one inevitable tragedy, only to blindside viewers with a completely different — potentially more dangerous — crisis in the end.

The focus of the hour was Michael and his son’s annual camping trip, during which it became apparent to Harry — and to Bobby, who tagged along as a precaution — that Michael’s condition is worsening. Not only did he need Bobby to take over during the drive up, but he also required a nap upon arriving at the campsite. He was furious when he awoke to discover that Bobby had helped Harry pick out a spot for their traditional tree-planting, but his anger soon subsided, paving the way for an emotional confession.

“I have had 17 years with my daughter,” he told Bobby. “I have watched her grow into an amazing, strong young woman. But my son… oh man. I want to be there with him. I want to see him grow up, and I don’t know if I will. If something happens to me, I need someone — I need you — to help keep me and my father alive for him.” Michael previously explained to Bobby that his father died before Harry was born, so he and Athena always talked about him around Harry to keep his memory alive.

Meanwhile, Chimney took Maddie out to a fancy dinner to tell her that he loves her. She couldn’t bring herself to return the words — her history of using the L-word to ease tensions and avoid confrontation make it a little complicated — but she returned the sentiment. After playing heroes to a woman wedged between the table and the wall of a rotating hotel restaurant, the lovebirds retired to their complimentary suite, where things “ignited.” (Albert’s word, not mine.)

I was fully preparing for Michael to die on that camping trip, so I thought we were out of the woods (so to speak) when it became apparent that he would survive the hour. I’ll tell you what I was not expecting — for the men who catfished and assaulted Josh to pose as police officers and take the entire 9-1-1 call center hostage. There’s left field, and then there’s wherever that twist came from. Here’s hoping the fact that Maddie said “I love you” to Chimney before hanging up is enough of a red flag for him to investigate further.

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