Hawaii Five-0 Goes Out With Guns Blazing in Series Finale Sneak Peek

It’s all over but the crying… and the ejection of a few dozen more bullet casings.

CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 signs off this Friday, after 10 seasons, with a series finale in which McGarrett & Co. hunt down the late Wo Fat’s extremely vengeful widow, Daiyu Mei. In the exclusive sneak peek above, the team (…minus Danny) has gotten a bead on Daiyu Mei’s whereabouts, leading to a spectacular shootout on the docks.

Katrina Law, who plays relative newcomer Quinn, told TVLine that “on the day we were filming” a “beautiful” scene that helps close out the series finale, “there were a lot of tears being shed, so I’m not going to be surprised if that translates into the audience crying.” But besides producing waterworks, the final hour “is so action-packed and just chock full of fun,” she (accurately) avowed. “So, before you get to those tears, you’re going to go for a very emotional, action-packed ride.”

All told, the series finale — which is titled “Aloha” — “checks every box with regards to what this show has always been about, which is family, which is about a connection between these people,” showrunner Peter M. Lenkov told TVLine in our final H50 preview. “It’s got big action, it’s got some big surprises and twists, but most of all the thing is really rooted in heart, which has been a big ingredient that has played in this show since the beginning.”

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