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Prodigal Son: Dermot Mulroney Says Viewers 'Should Be Worried About Everybody' After That Nicholas Twist

Prodigal Son Dermot Mulroney

Prodigal Son‘s Jessica Whitly should probably make like the rest of America and put herself in quarantine.

We know that Malcolm Bright’s mother loves a good soirée — but just weeks after attending a wedding that nearly ended in tragedy, Jessica went to a swanky fundraiser during Monday’s episode that might ultimately put her in mortal danger. (And just when we thought everyone knew the benefits of social distancing.)

At the fundraiser in question, Jessica reconnected with Nicholas Endicott (played by New Girl‘s Dermot Mulroney), a wealthy and charming New York City philanthropist who was close with Jessica in the years before Martin’s arrest. Sparks immediately flew when Jessica and Nicholas reunited… but, as revealed in an episode-ending twist, Nicholas is somehow linked to the girl in the box, who labeled him “a monster” during a flashback scene.

“The stakes get extremely high,” Mulroney tells TVLine of Nicholas’ upcoming arc, which will continue through the end of the season. Though Prodigal Son had to pause production just shy of completing its 22-episode order, due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic, Mulroney confirms that he finished shooting all of his scenes before the suspension, including a “very dramatic, climactic conclusion.”

And even though Jessica is blissfully unaware (for now) of Nicholas’ alleged checkered past, Mulroney warns that Jessica might be in trouble as she and Nicholas pursue a romance — and her children might be in danger, too.

“You should be worried about everybody for the rest of the season,” the actor admits with a laugh. “It’s very, very dangerous to be one of those characters.”

The only Whitly who does currently know about Nicholas’ insidious behavior is Martin, who was horrified in Monday’s episode to see Jessica and Nicholas photographed at that fundraiser. In the episodes ahead, Mulroney confirms, Martin and Nicholas will reunite face-to-face, and viewers will see “how much sway they hold over each other.”

“Their association goes way back, and each of their circumstances are tied to one another,” he teases. “It’s almost like [they have] equal power, even though Martin is locked up and has been for so long. But you also have to look at the circumstances that Martin is in, [and why] he’s being treated unlike anybody else while incarcerated. You might wonder who is responsible for his favorable circumstances.”

Prodigal Son fans, what did you think of Monday’s episode? Did you suspect something fishy about Nicholas right away? Hit the comments below!