Hillary Clinton Beats Donald Trump in Alt-Reality Good Fight Premiere

The Good Fight Season 4 premiere

The Good Fight is overturning the 2016 election and handing the presidency to Hillary Clinton — for one episode, at least.

The CBS All Access drama is kicking off its fourth season on April 9 by imagining an alternate reality in which Donald Trump was never elected and Hillary is the current president of the United States.

In the episode, penned by series creators Robert King and Michelle King and directed by Brooke Kennedy, Christine Baranski’s liberal legal eagle Diane Lockhart is overjoyed by the outcome, but she soon realizes that her dream reality may have unexpected consequences.

The twisty premiere brings the show full circle, considering the 2017 pilot episode kicked off with a horrified Diane learning that Trump won the election. (The Kings, assuming Clinton was going to prevail, famously had to rework the pilot script to alter the outcome, turning Diane’s dream scenario into a nightmare.)

Despite having to halt production earlier this month due to coronavirus, The Good Fight is still scheduled to launch its fourth season on Thursday, April 9 (watch the cheeky trailer here). However, a source close to the show tells TVLine that episodes in the back half of the 10-episode season could be delayed as a result of the shutdown.