TV Characters Our Readers Want Back on Grey's, The 100 and More

TV Characters Returning

As far as TVLine readers are concerned, these familiar faces are welcome back on their screens anytime. After sharing 15 TV characters we miss from their respective shows, our readers have chimed in with a few more additions to the list — with some surprising results.

Sure, we weren’t shocked to hear that they miss Calista Flockhart’s sharp-tongued, sharp-dressed Supergirl persona, but Shawn Mendes’ one-episode role as a musician on The 100? We’re ashamed to admit we never saw that one coming.

Our readers’ wish list of comebacks also includes a Grey’s Anatomy favorite, a former Chicago P.D. detective, a Shameless wild child and a pair of highfliers from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. (That last one admittedly isn’t much of a puzzle. Who else could we possibly be referring to?)

As with our original list, the same disclaimer applies: In order to qualify for inclusion, a character needs to feasibly be able to return. For example, there are countless favorites we’d gladly resurrect, but outside of supernatural shows, that’s simply not realistic.

Browse our gallery of the characters that TVLine readers miss from their favorite shows — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Which of these characters would you welcome back with open arms?