Was The Resident Eerily Familiar? Tiger King Theories? A Supernatural Slip-Up? Late Night's Best Home? And More Qs!

The Resident

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Outlander, Supernatural, The Resident and This Is Us!

1 | Tiger King watchers, what do you think happened to Carole Baskin’s MIA hubby? And do you believe anything Joe Exotic said in his defense about Jeff Lowe’s involvement?

The Walking Dead2 | Why did the picture of The Walking Dead‘s Judith that Rick supposedly drew look more like the straight-haired Judith of today than the mop-topped little girl she would’ve been when last he saw her?

3 | On Outlander, what was more ridiculous: Jamie’s directive to Claire to “Look down” during sex, or the fact that they were wearing so many clothes there was nothing to see?

4 | On Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, were you surprised when Max’s big number turned out to be a real flash mob? Were you even more surprised that the show chose to have him confess his feelings for Zoey — and for her to confess her superpower to him — so early in the season? And given the real-life cancellation of March Madness basketball, did you get a little sad when Mitch was watching it?

5 | On Good Girls, was there really no other way for the ladies to activate Lucy’s Face ID than to dig up her body? Couldn’t they have just obtained a photo of her somehow?

6 | Batwoman‘s Kate has chemistry with Julia… Sophie has chemistry with Julia… and Sophie has chemistry with Batwoman. So why doesn’t Kate have chemistry with Sophie?

7 | How financially unscathed was The Rookie‘s John Nolan in his years-ago divorce that he not only had his son’s college tuition squirreled away, in full, but also the funds to reno that house with a quite amazing view?

8 | Why did American Idol judge Katy Perry sound so surprised to learn that contestant Louis Knight’s mother is British when he’s… also British? And do you think Season 17 winner Laine Hardy wishes the show was giving him half as much attention as runner-up Alejandro Aranda?

9 | Where did Manifest‘s Zeke — who was missing for a full year, imprisoned not long after that, and has been on death’s doorstep ever since — find the time/funds to shop for an engagement ring?

10 | Did this week’s Supernatural not track with what Ruby told Sam in Season 4 about having never met an angel? Or are we to assume she was lying?

11 | Did The Good Doctor‘s St. Bonaventure not suffer any structural damage due to the earthquake? How on earth did Lea make it out of the brewery with barely a scratch? And was Melendez’s turn for the worse inevitable after he chose to ignore his abdominal bruising earlier in the episode?

12 | Granted, “coronavirus” is a generic term, but was it still spooky to hear it uttered during The Resident‘s outbreak-themed episode?

13 | In addition to these nagging This Is Us questions, we ask: While there were no “winners” in Randall and Kevin’s big fight, who do you think landed the most cutting blow?

14 | What are the odds that the babies born Tuesday night on This Is Us and lead-out Council of Dads would both be named Hope? (And can we retire this overused TV baby name already?)


15 | Fellas, has anyone made you feel worse about your quarantine body than SEAL Team‘s Clay?

16 | On Chicago Med, is Will’s poor decision-making  starting to become a real problem?

17 | With Survivor‘s big merge ahead of us, which Edge of Extinction player do you think will be returning to the game?

18 | Which A Million Little Things finale twist (SPOILERS ALERT!) did you find more surprising: that Rome and Regina’s adoption fell through because Eve suddenly felt empowered (and not because her abusive boyfriend somehow stepped in), or that Eddie didn’t take that drink at the bar before his possibly fatal car accident?

19 | Did Deputy successfully fake you out with Blair’s new tattoo?

20 | Is The Bold Type‘s Jane crazy for leaving her door unlocked in New York City and yelling at the delivery man to just come in, without even checking who was at the door?

21 | Devs fans, how relieved were you to realize that Kenton hadn’t killed Jamie, after all?

22 | Of all the late-night hosts recording their shows from home, who slapped together the most polished-looking set-up? (Trevor Noah? Samantha Bee?) And who perhaps tried too hard, with oddly bad camera angles and folksy backdrops, to look “homemade”?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!