Supernatural Recap: A Savage Garden — Plus, Another Fave (Sorta) Returns

Supernatural Recap

By now you’ve probably heard the news that this Monday’s Supernatural is the last new episode for a while. But at least the installment left us with a surprise return, double the Sam and Dean, and a few twists to mull over during the unforeseen hiatus.

The next step in Jack’s quest to defeat God is spiritual, Billie announces at the top of the hour. He needs to find the Occultum, which the boys discover is in Jo’s possession. When Dean and Sam approach her, she’s not too keen on helping them and making an enemy of God. Plus, she gave the Occultum to Ruby, who hid it in Hell, in exchange for money. But before Ruby could sell it to a buyer, Sam and Dean killed her. So the brothers head to Hell in search of the mysterious object, only to get cornered by a bunch of demons — and to realize that Jo set them up.

Meanwhile, Cas notices the holes in Jo’s story and asks Jack to (temporarily) kill him so he can talk to Ruby in The Empty, which takes on the form of Rachel Miner’s Meg. When Ruby shows up, she says that Jo contacted her to cut a deal and ride out the coming apocalypse in the safest place in the world: the Occultum. Ruby agrees to tell Cas where it is as long as he gets her out of The Empty, which isn’t thrilled that Cas is upsetting the balance by coming in and out. Meg/The Empty attacks Cas, nearly killing him for good, just as Jack brings him back.

Before they can go after the Occultum, the boys need to make sure Chuck doesn’t find out what they’re up to if he decides to check in. Well, lucky for them, there happens to be a white-collar Dean and a man-bun Sam from another world stuck between dimensions in the bunker. The professional, for-hire hunters have two planes and the best dad ever. (Anybody else’s ears perk up when the other Dean and Sam said their father also went through the rift, but was separated from them? Here’s hoping for another Jeffrey Dean Morgan appearance!) With a spell, our Dean and Sam free them and convince them to pretend to be them (although other Sam refuses to lose the man bun).

While the FauxWinchesters are holding down the fort, Dean, Sam, Cas and Jack head to a church where the Occultum is hidden. The mysterious object gets even more mysterious when they find it: it’s a small sphere with a cryptic message about how in order to be inside the Occultum, the Occultum has to be inside you. Jack takes it literally and eats the thing — and it turns out he had the right idea! He’s transported to the Garden of Eden, where a snake whispers at him, “Who are you meant to be?” as flashes of his life with the Winchesters and Cas overwhelm him.

Back in the church, Dean, Sam and Cas are attacked by hellhounds, before a glowing orb blasts them away. Then Jack reappears, with his soul now intact and a whole lot of sorrow over Mary’s death. “Please forgive me,” he begs.

As for the other Dean and Sam, they kind of start to dig our Dean and Sam’s life, which doesn’t involve endless Hunter Corp. meetings. In fact, they ask if they can stick around the bunker, but Dean tells them Brazil is where they want to be. And it’s definitely a good idea to get as far away as possible from the bunker after they see Dean’s angry face upon learning the doppelgängers drove Baby.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Cas will make good on his deal with Ruby to free her? And who else now has Savage Garden’s “I Want You” stuck in their head?

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