Good Girls Recap: Bird Is the Word

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6

The Good Girls crew has successfully thwarted Rio’s rampant threats thus far, but not everyone has been so lucky. Now, Beth, Ruby and Annie must protect Max, Lucy’s boyfriend, from the barrel of Rio’s gun, all while evading the police and figuring out a new plan for printing cash. No one ever said counterfeiting would be easy.

At the top of this week’s episode, the women mourn Lucy as they rifle through the contents of her purse. Ruby reflects on how it could’ve been any one of them. She asks her partners in crime what they’re going to do, and Beth has a one-word answer: “Print.”

Beth is blindsided at work when Lucy’s boyfriend shows up with Dorothy, the shop owner, and a police officer. Beth happens to be the last person who saw Lucy alive. Dorothy now vows to close the shop early. No more working nights, she says. Well, that’s gonna throw a wrench in their printing plans!

Stan tells Ruby his suspension is up for review. He might be able to get his badge back, he says, but Ruby worries about how her… egg rolls will affect him if he’s back on the force.

Beth meets with Rio and his crew, but she doesn’t have extra cash to flash. She tells him he didn’t have to kill Lucy, but he disagrees. “It’s just business, darling,” he says. Beth tells him about the cops and the store being on lockdown. “Great job, Mr. CFO!” she snaps. Rio demands to know Max’s address, but she refuses. “This is your fault!” she screams at him. “You, me, we… it’s just business,” he replies. Beth tells him she’ll find a way to print.

Good Girls Season 3 Episode 6Later, Beth, Ruby and Annie all try to guess Lucy’s phone password, to no avail. Ruby then notices that the phone is “the new one.” “There’s another way to get in,” she says, with a horrified look on her face. No way. Are they going to…? Nah.

Beth asks Rio’s guy for help, but she still hasn’t paid him for her last favor. He tells her he wants something in return, and her husband isn’t going to like it. “I have herpes!” she yells, a liiittle too loudly in the restaurant. Turns out the dude just wants a hot tub. Relax, Beth!

The women follow the con man to a graveyard and, yep, they’re about to dig up a body. They finally find Lucy, and after a gross couple minutes and plenty of wet wipes, they gain access to the phone and are finally able to message Max back. They make up a lie about Lucy not loving him anymore, telling themselves that they’re saving his life by doing so. He then uses Find My Phone and texts back saying he knows Lucy is at Beth’s house. Well, that’s a pickle.

At Stan’s hearing, Ruby tells the interviewers that she and Stan dream of robbing banks. It seems like she might sabotage him, but then she tells his superiors all sorts of positive things about his character. Stan getting his job back is going to put Ruby in a tough spot, but at least she’s not standing in his way. Stan gets the job, but ultimately turns it down. After all they’ve been through, putting on his uniform makes him feel like a fraud. “You can’t fix that,” he says.

Max shows up at Beth’s, but she tells him she just drove Lucy to the airport. The guy is crushed. He tracks Lucy’s phone again on his way out. “Arizona,” he says. We then see Lucy’s phone on a conveyor belt at a recycling plant.

Beth gets back to printing, but tells Rio she can’t make as much because the price of ink went up. Later at home, she empties a bag full of ones onto her bed. What’s she got up her sleeve? Meanwhile, Dean brings Dorito, Lucy’s bird, to a vet, just as Max arrives to donate his leftover bird seed. The two wind up in the same elevator together, and Max, noticing the bird looks just like Lucy’s, whistles part of “Frere Jacques.” The bird sings the next line back to him, and the two men turn to exchange looks of confusion.

Are Dorito and Dean soulmates? What fresh hell could possibly be around the corner for Beth and the gals? Tell us your thoughts in the Comments below!