TVLine Items: She-Ra Ending, Bosch's Return Date, Free Binges and More

She-Ra Cancelled Netflix

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will brave their very last battles when the animated series launches its fifth — and now final — season on Friday, May 15, Netflix has announced.

But worry not, fans will have closure when She-Ra & Co. power down. “I do feel very lucky because we knew from the very beginning what our episode order was, so we got to tailor the story very specifically to how long the show was gonna be,” showrunner Noelle Stevenson told EW.com. “[The series] was tailored to be 52 episodes, the length that it is, and that’s a real blessing for a storyteller because it means everything happens when it’s meant to happen.”

Ready for more of today’s newsy nuggets? Well….

* Bosch Season 6 (aka its penultimate season) will premiere Friday, April 17 on Amazon Prime; watch a trailer.

* Acorn TV is now offering a 30-day free trial (versus the usual seven) for new subscribers, to binge mysteries, dramas and comedies from Britain and other countries. Those interested can sign up at Acorn.tv (special code: FREE30).

* Similarly, Sundance Now is offering a 30-day free trial, to binge series such as A Discovery of Witches (with Matthew Goode and Teresa Palmer), Julia Stiles’ Riviera, Jenna Coleman’s The Cry, and the Emmy-winning State of the Union (with Rosamund Pike and Chris Dowd). Sign up at SundanceNow.com, special code SUNDANCENOW30 .

* Ken Burns’ Emmy-winning nine-part Baseball docuseries can now be streamed for free on pbs.org and all PBS streaming platforms.

* Community will be available to stream on Netflix starting Wednesday, April 1. (All six seasons of the NBC-turned-Yahoo Screen sitcom will remain available on Hulu.)

* Amazon Prime has released a trailer for Upload, a sci-fi comedy about an app developer (The Flash’s Robbie Amell) who after a self-driving car accident is faced with a life-changing decision. The 10-episode series premieres May 1.