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9-1-1 EP Breaks Down Life-Altering Premiere Twists, From Michael's Fateful Choice to Buck's Next Steps

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9-1-1 resumed its third season on Monday, bringing good news for one member of the 118 — while sending others into full-blown panic mode.

Let’s begin with Michael, who informed his family that brain surgery is being suggested to help reduce the size of his tumor. But by the end of the hour, he made an even more surprising announcement: He has decided to forgo the surgery, feeling that it’s better to focus on his life than his death.

“Athena is not hugely on board with his decision, and she will say as much,” executive producer Tim Minear tells TVLine. “But they’re still there to support each other and navigate what the next steps are, no matter what.”

In more hopeful medical news, Buck received a clean bill of health from his doctor, something that will inform his next steps in ways fans won’t even see coming.

“He’s been mentally healing from this for a while, so now his body has caught up to where his headspace was,” Minear explains. “It’s always something with Buck, so moving forward — now that he has this clean bill of health and seems to be whole again — is going to realize there might still be something missing. And it’s not necessarily a medical condition.” (When asked if that “something missing” could have anything to do with Abby’s impending return, Minear simply replied, “It could.”)

We also got to meet Chimney’s half-brother Albert, who made fast friends with the 118 — much to Chimney’s initial annoyance. Fortunately, the two found common ground by the end of the episode, with Chimney accepting him as a (temporary) new roommate.

“You have not seen the last of Albert,” Minear assures us. “He’s kind of a marker for Chimney. Suddenly having his little brother around is a way for Chimney to see how much he has grown and matured.”

Hen and Karen meeting their new foster baby was also a highlight of Monday’s premiere, though Minear is quick to remind us that the good times can only last so long for this group.

“There will be giant crises that will bring everyone together that will affect the entire city,” he teases of the drama still to come. Most chilling of all: “One of our characters will walk into a dark place and may never come out.”

Your thoughts on 9-1-1‘s long-awaited return? Any theory about which character will be trapped in a dark place? Grade the premiere below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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