Legacies' Kaylee Bryant Reveals Which TVD Baddie Inspired Dark Josie's Look

Josie Saltzman is finally getting the makeover her portrayer has always wanted.

“I’d been talking about Dark Josie with [Legacies executive producers] Julie Plec and Brett Matthews since I got cast in the role,” Kaylee Bryant told TVLine and other outlets during a recent set visit. Referring back to the time Josie set Penelope on fire, she acknowledged, “Clearly, there was something in this girl that was really dark. I kind of had this image of what Josie going dark would mean to me, and that — mixed in with hair and makeup and wardrobe, plus Julie’s input — culminated into this gothic Katherine Pierce school girl look. It’s been a very interesting ride. As much as Josie is going on a journey, Dark Josie is also going on a journey.”

Speaking of Katherine Pierce, Bryant also revealed that Legacies‘ hair stylist was given a picture of Nina Dobrev’s legendary character as a reference for Dark Josie’s new black ‘do. And it’s only fitting, as the devious doppelganger has long served as one of Bryant’s personal inspirations.

“I had seen Caroline lose her humanity, Katherine Pierce, Kai Parker — all of these iconic characters in the TVD universe — that had very obvious darkness in them, and those were always my favorite characters,” Bryant said. “I knew it was in [the producers’] plans for my character to do that, but actually seeing it all and the fact that my character is now considered a monster of the week is exciting.”

Are you excited to meet Dark Josie on Thursday’s Legacies (The CW, 9/8c)? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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