Vampire Diaries Crossovers: 20 Actors Who Have Jumped Between Shows, Including a Few You Probably Forgot

Vampire Diaries Crossover Photos

Legacies fans are understandably excited to kiki with Kai tonight (The CW, 9/8c), but as true Vampire Diaries historians know, Chris Wood is hardly the first actor to leap from one show in the TVD-verse to another. (Heck, just ask Alaric…’s beard.)

To that end, TVLine decided to look back at the franchise’s lengthy history of crossovers, including a few you may have forgotten. (Seriously, $10 to whoever can name Nina Dobrev’s ancient Originals character off the top of their head.)

As a quick note, we know there are a few characters missing from our list. But with all due respect to the likes of Thierry and Sophie Deveraux, we decided to stick with the 20 biggest crossovers.

And we suspect this list will only expand as Legacies continues. In fact, considering the fluid nature of existence in that world, the possibilities for crossovers remain endless. (Come on, if Jo can get brutally stabbed to death on The Vampire Diaries, then pop up as a “mombie” on Legacies, anything can happen.) Not to mention the fact that we’ve literally seen Elena Salvatore’s medical practice in the town square.

Browse our gallery of Vampire Diaries crossovers — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your thoughts below. Which were your favorite(s)? And which characters from previous shows need to pop up on Legacies… like, right this moment?

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