CSI Revival Poll: Which Characters Must Return for CBS 'Event Series'?

CSI Revival Cast

Little is known about CBS’ in-the-works CSI revival, but we can say with near certainty that at least two series regulars will not be back. We’re referring, of course, to Gary Dourdan, whose forensic analyst Warrick Brown was killed off in the procedural’s Season 9 opener, and Elisabeth Shue, whose assistant night shift supervisor Julie Finlay perished in Season 15.

Dourdan and Shue notwithstanding, the rest of the CSI‘s primary ensemble — which fluctuated greatly over the show’s 15-year lifespan — could conceivably return for what is being unofficially billed as a limited event series (CBS has yet to formally greenlight the project).

As reported by our sister site Deadline, two original cast members — William Petersen and Jorja Fox — have already been approached to reprise their respective roles as colleagues-turned-lovers Gil Grissom and Sara Sidle. It’s unclear which CSI vets CBS will reach out to next. Assuming the network does not have an unlimited budget for CSI: The Return, Eye network execs will be forced to put a cap on how many of the show’s alumni it can squeeze into the sequel. And, well, that’s where you come in.

Which CSI characters must absolutely be involved in the potential revival in order for you to even consider getting excited about it? Vote for your Top 3 in the following poll (the results of which will be revealed in the coming days), and then elaborate on your choices below. Also: If one of your CSI MVPs is not listed in the poll, have no fear: Write-in votes will be accepted in the comments section.