This Is Us Sneak Peek: Kate and Toby Clash Over Baby Jack's Future

Kate and Toby don’t exactly fight in this exclusive clip from tonight’s This Is Us. But they don’t not fight, either, so we’re feeling a little shaky about the whole thing. 

“A Hell of a Week: Part Three” (NBC, 9/8c) — which was directed by Justin Hartley — chronicles Kate’s experience during the same week in which Randall punched a dude into the ground (as we saw in Episode 11) and Kevin slept with Madison (which took place in Episode 12).

The clip above starts at 11:17 California time, which is roughly when Randall surprised his intruder on the East Coast and Kevin missed Sophie’s many calls on his Hollywood film set. Kate and Toby are in bed, but Tobes is still super excited about their realization that Baby Jack saw the lights in the kitchen earlier that evening.

In his online research, Toby has come across the story of a Minnesota girl who benefitted from gene therapy. He’s all jazzed about how the girl recovered 30 percent of her eyesight. “If my son could see 30 percent of me, I’d be ecstatic,” he gushes.

Kate is happy her husband is happy… but she wants to be very clear with him. “Before you go down this rabbit hole: This kind of therapy is not going to work for Jack,” she says, going on to point out the differences in the kids’ conditions. And just like that, they’re back at his earlier comment about how their son’s blindness makes him sad.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the hard discussion play out, then hit the comments: What are your thoughts on Kate and Toby’s rough patch? 


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