Grey's Co-Star Previews Thursday's 'Last Supper': 'If You Want to Say Your Goodbyes, Now Would Be a Good Time'

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This week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy promises to be a big one, in particular for Jake Borelli’s Levi.

As “The Last Supper” begins, “he’s still at home recovering from [his bout with] heartbreak syndrome,” the actor tells TVLine. “Since he lives in his mom’s basement, we get to delve into their relationship a little bit more… and she lets him know that his uncle, who is kind of a jerk, is in hospice.

“She basically says, ‘If you want to go and say your goodbyes, now would be a good time,'” he continues. “Out of Levi’s whole family, he’s had the best relationship with his Uncle Saul. Now that he’s out and proud and growing in his own confidence, he decides this would be a good time to introduce his uncle to [his boyfriend] Nico.”

So, off goes Grey’s first gay male couple to the nursing home. Once they arrive, though, it’s Levi who might need to be on life support. “Uncle Saul’s reaction sort of shocks him,” Borelli teases. “We get to explore Levi coming out to other family members and how the rest of them react.

“We saw a little bit of his mom’s reaction to it, but now we’re starting to see behind the veil,” he adds. “His mom is sort of okay with [his sexual orientation], but she doesn’t want to talk about it with the rest of the family, and she doesn’t want it outside of the basement. In her own way, she’s kept him in the closet.”

“The Last Supper,” which also focuses on what Jackson and Maggie think is going to be a celebration of their quarrelsome parents Catherine and Richard’s wedding anniversary — but most definitely isn’t any such thing — airs Thursday at 9/8c on ABC.

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