Flash Sneak Peek: Cisco Reveals 'Butt-Ton' of Baddies in Post-Crisis World

Sure, the universe was saved. Which is nice and all! But in the new, consolidated one created by Oliver Queen/Spectre, Team Flash now has a “butt-ton” of baddies to deal with, as Cisco details in this exclusive sneak peek from the CW series’ midseason premiere.

Detailing why he feels anxiety instead of relief post-Crisis, Cisco tells Killer Frost, “An infinite number of Earths experienced a cosmic heat death — from which only one Earth was rebuilt.” And while that means the Supes and Black Lightning now trot the same globe as the scarlet speedster, the flipside is “not a single one of our doppelgangers survived, to make it to Earth Prime, as far as I can tell,” Cisco notes, whipping out his “Who’s Who?” binder of baddies. “But we did manage to pick up a butt-ton of bad guys, and aliens, and more metas!”

Press play above to hear much more of Cisco’s rousing speech — as well as share in his own sartorial surprise.  

As Flash showrunner told TVLine as part of our Season 6B preview, “We’re on a whole new Earth now, so what does this mean? It’s a brand-new game, and there are new challenges and Team Flash has no idea what they are. They’re going to catch them by surprise.”

Elsewhere in the winter premiere, which is titled “Marathon” and airs Tuesday at 8/7c, Iris’ life is threatened after the Citizen prints an explosive story that exposes a dangerous organization,  while Barry must fulfill Oliver Queen’s final wish for him.

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