SNL Imagines a Very Different Trump Impeachment Trial in Cold Open

Having found President Trump’s real impeachment trial to be full of “dry debate and posturing,” Saturday Night Live envisioned “the trial you wish had happened” in its Feb. 1 cold open.

Though SNL‘s recent political sketches have featured cameos from Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm and other celebrities, the latest cold open included only the regular cast (in addition to recurring guest star Alec Baldwin as President Trump), all of whom played political figures that appeared in the real-life trial proceedings… and some that didn’t. (Though frankly, we are curious about an impeachment trial that’s overseen by TV’s Judge Mathis instead of Chief Justice John Roberts.)

Among the sketch’s biggest fantasies were the appearances of actual witnesses (who, in the real trial, were blocked from giving testimony in a 51-49 Senate vote). Cecily Strong briefly played former national security advisor John Bolton (a self-proclaimed “messy bitch who loves drama”), while Pete Davidson popped up as Hunter Biden, who entered the courtroom on a hoverboard, as you do.

The fictional trial ended with Baldwin’s Trump admitting his guilt — and not just for that infamous phone call to Ukraine. Instead, having realized that “nothing I do or say has any consequence,” Trump confessed to a whole host of lies and unethical actions, most notably that he watches CNN “all the time, and it’s awesome.”

Watch the cold open above, then click here for a complete recap of the J.J. Watt-hosted episode.

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