Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cast Previews Holt's Demotion, New 'Shenanigoogles' in Season 7 First Look — WATCH

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back on the beat — and serving up more “shenanigoogles” than ever before. Season 7 of the NBC comedy will also be rejigger precinct dynamics, as teased in the exclusive video above.

The premiere picks up one week after the events of Season 6. Acting commissioner Madeline Wuntch has demoted Holt to patrolman, and the captain is still adjusting to his new role. This leads to an awkward exchange between Jake and his (former?) boss, who allows passersby to breach an active crime scene while partnered with fellow beat cop Debbie Fogle (SNL‘s Vanessa Bayer).

“The fact is that he’s still captain to us, but it’s such a different position for him,” Terry Crews previews. And with Holt policing the streets, Terry is forced to step up at the precinct, which is quite the adjustment for everyone. “The rest of the squad is learning how to relate to Lieutenant Terry Jeffords running the show,” adds Joe Lo Truglio.

As to be expected, Holt is having something of an identity crisis. In the wake of his demotion, he has the lost the respect of pretty much everyone, including his beloved dog Cheddar. “Now, he only poops for Kevin,” Holt reveals. (Ouch!)

The video also teases Boyle’s new hobby — let’s just say he’s not the next Muhammad Ali! — and what looks to be the return of the beloved Jimmy Jab Games.

The Andy Samberg-led sitcom, which has already been renewed through Season 8, returns on Thursday, Feb. 6, at 8/7c, with back-to-back episodes. First up is “Manhunter,” wherein Jake leads a manhunt after an assassination attempt on a city councilor. That will be immediately followed by Episode 2 (at 8:30/7:30c), “Captain Kim,” in which an interim captain (played by Bring It On‘s Nicole Bilderback) attempts to ingratiate herself with Jake and the squad by having them over for a dinner party.

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