Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3: Let's Unpack Those Riverdale Mentions

Sabrina Riverdale Crossover

It’s not the full-blown crossover some fans have been waiting for, but Riverdale does receive a pair of shout-outs (and then some) in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s just-released Part 3.

(This is probably where we should warn you that you’re about to encounter a few minor spoilers from Part 3. Super minor. Still, consider yourself warned.)

The eight new episodes, which dropped Friday, send Sabrina and her friends on an epic quest for a collection of supernatural relics, one of which they discover is hidden in — wait for it — Riverdale. With Ambrose by her side, Sabrina pops over to Betty and Veronica’s hood in Episode 3, though you’ll be disappointed to know that neither character makes her acquaintance. In fact, we don’t even see the actual town, as the Spellmans’ search is confined to the woods.

Greendale’s neighboring town is referenced again in Episode 6 during a conversation between Hilda and Dr. C. When he asks if there’s anything he can get for her, she says, “There’s this diner in Riverdale. It sells the juiciest hamburgers and the thickest milkshakes.” Though she doesn’t mention it by name, she’s clearly referring to Pop’s Chock’lit Shoppe, the popular establishment frequented by the likes of Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones. And while we don’t actually get to see Dr. C step foot in the iconic diner, at least we know that Hilda must have been there several times; there’s no telling with which Riverdale favorites she has unknowingly crossed paths.

And this doesn’t technically count as a Riverdale connection, but fans of the CW series were likely glad to see actress Nathalie Boltt (aka Penelope Blossom) show up in the premiere of Part 3. (Click here for our full recap of Episode 1.)

Riverdale has been referenced several times throughout Sabrina’s first two parts, with the biggest connection being the appearance of Riverdale‘s Ben Button (played by Moses Thiessen) as a pizza delivery boy.

Are you still dreaming of the day that Sabrina meets Archie and the gang? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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