Jennifer Aniston Freaks Out Friends Fans at Central Perk — Watch Video

Jennifer Aniston returned to Central Perk on Friday to brush up on her unagi skills with a group of unsuspecting Friends fans.

It all began when Aniston, who recently took home a Screen Actors Guild Award for her work on Apple TV+’s The Morning Show, became a real-life TV host by subbing in for Ellen DeGeneres on her self-titled daytime hit.

“Ellen’s show is filmed on the Warner Brothers lot, and I spent about 10 years here doing a show called Friends,” Aniston told her audience, eliciting what felt like 15 hours of ferocious applause. “And the set is actually still here. It’s part of the Warner Brothers Studio tour. So I thought, while I’m here, I’ll go take a visit. Let’s see what happened…”

What happened was that Aniston hid behind Central Perk’s iconic orange couch, waiting to jump out and surprise unsuspecting studio visitors. To make things even more interesting, the photographer asked the fans to name their favorite Friend before snapping their picture. (Frankly, the fact that the first girl said her favorite Friend was Ross has me wondering if the whole thing was scripted. But I digress!)

Hit PLAY on the video above to watch Aniston scare the crap out of a bunch of people, then drop a comment with your own favorite Friend below. (Be warned, though — if someone jumps out from behind your couch after you answer, it will most likely not be Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston. So, you know, remain vigilant.)