Ray Donovan Finale Recap: Ghostbuster

Ray Donovan Season 7 Finale

Liev Schreiber’s titular brute figuratively and quite literally buried the past in Ray Donovan‘s brutal, bloody Season 7 finale. When the dust settled, multiple characters — including at least one series regular — were left for dead.

The episode largely centered on Ray learning that his late sister Bridget was pregnant when she took her own life as a teenager some three decades ago. Ray also pieced together that the pregnancy was a byproduct of her being raped by Jim Sullivan, a discovery that forced him to confront his own complicity in her death, doomed his present-day romance with Jim’s daughter, Molly, and teed up the climactic murder of Jim himself at Ray’s hands. In the episode’s final frame, Ghost Bridget briefly pays her older brother a visit as he’s burying Jim’s corpse, symbolically closing this unresolved chapter of the series’ canon ahead of what is expected to be the Showtime series’ eighth and final season.

Elsewhere in “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” which was co-written by showrunner David Hollander and Schreiber and directed by Hollander:

* Detective Perry agreed to release Bridget from custody after Ray saved her and Judge Scholl’s lives from Mayor Ferrati’s thugs. While Ferrati appears to be headed to prison for a long time, the police corruption piece of this storyline  — and the role Perry’s boss played in it — remains very much unresolved ahead of a potential eighth season.

* As he was frequently warned, Smitty paid the ultimate price for climbing into bed with the Donovan clan: Bridget’s  clueless hubby was (presumably?) slaughtered in an episode-ending gun battle involving Daryl, Bunchy, Mickey and the Sullivan brothers. I say “presumably” because, well, you never know with this show. Regardless, it’s probably safe to assume Bridget will not be moving back to L.A. anytime soon.

* In the wake of the suicide death of his new cancer-stricken BFF Dolores, Terry appeared to be thisclose to following her lead. Ultimately, he paid a visit to the Empire State Building’s observation deck to take in the view vs. his own life.

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