Power Recap: My Brother's Weeper

Power Recap Season 6 EPisode 13

Brothers gotta (t)hug.

So it makes sense that when Ghost takes his final breaths in this week’s Power, it’s Tommy who’s right by his side. And given Tommy’s mercurial nature, it’s also fitting that the hotheaded Mr. Egan spends the three-quarters of the episode that precedes that moment dead-set on murdering the exact same man for whom he winds up weeping.

Read on for the highlights of “It’s All Your Fault.”

AN UPDATE ON ELISA MARIE | The episode rewinds to right after Tommy kills Benny in his hallway, when Egan he makes use of that fake EMT outfit and the imposter ambulance to get the corpse out of his building. He gives the demolition lot owner a fat stack of cash to smash the vehicle into a little cube and ask no further questions, and… nice knowing you, Benny!

Elisa Marie is staying with her aunt Dolores (hi, Younger‘s Debi Mazar!), who assures the girl that her uncle is probably fine even though he hasn’t checked in in hours. But Elisa Marie knows better. And after Vincent stops by and installs two bodyguards at the front door — turns out, he’s beholden to Dolores’ Uncle Carlo, who’s a big-deal crime boss — the girl listens to the audio files her dad left her. Dolores walks in on her, realizes that there’s no use in sugarcoating things, and essentially reads the kid in on the family’s illicit dealings. Elisa Marie says she recognizes Tommy’s voice on the recordings. “My dad was scared of him. Me, too,” she adds. So Dolores says they’ll handle things in-house, because why involve the police?

They play the audio for Tariq, who denies knowing Tommy or anyone named Ghost and says he can’t ID any of the voices. Dolores doesn’t believe a word he says, sussing out in two minutes that he and Tommy worked together the night Proctor was killed at the penthouse. “Tariq is not your friend,” Dolores later tells her niece, and it’s true: The teen immediately runs to Tommy to fill him in and to give him Elisa Marie’s whereabouts.

TASHA’S CLOSE CALL | With all of this time-hopping going on, it’s important to remember that at this moment, Tommy is certain that Ghost either killed LaKeisha himself or ordered the hit. So he goes to St. Patrick’s press conference at Truth ready to do… something? But security guards spot him right away, and he walks out. Blanca finds him in front of the club, hands him Keisha’s personal effects and offers him immunity if he’ll flip on Ghost.

As you might guess, Tommy doesn’t take the bait. But he does recognize the earring he finds in the bag of Keisha’s things: It’s from the same pair that Holly stole from Tasha way back, and it probably proves that Tasha was at his house the night Keisha died. So Tommy goes to Tasha’s to take her out. Yaz and ‘Riq’s mom knows she’s a goner but tries to reason with her old friend, showing him the papers that Keisha had signed to become a witness for the Feds. Tasha urges him to think about the packed suitcases that were waiting in the foyer that night. “You think she just had those bags there because she wasn’t going to leave?”

Still, Tasha knows she’s done for. She begs Tommy to take care of her kids, then turns her back to him and waits for the kill shot. But he leaves instead, and she nearly dry heaves in relief.

PUTTING THE ‘KID’ IN ‘KIDNAPPING’ | Ghost and Tommy meet up and have a rehash of their greatest hits (“I don’t need you like you need me,” Ghost says), though it’s news to St. Patrick that Proctor didn’t actually destroy the recordings. But then people start shooting at them; Tommy assumes it’s Vincent’s guys. In the warehouse, Tommy sees the dead man that Ghost came across in an earlier episode that showed this shootout and realizes that their assailants are an unknown faction. Then he jumps in a car outside and drives away as someone shoots at him.

In short order, Tommy arrives at Dolores’ house, kills the bodyguards, kidnaps Elisa Marie (who has been left alone, c’mon Aunt Dolores!) and gets his ma to watch her. Eventually there’s a furious knocking at the door — it’s Paz, begging him to kill Jamie — and Elisa Marie hears him slip up and call Jamie “Ghost” in front of Angela’s grieving sister. Eventually, he tosses her out, then grabs Elisa Marie and drives away with her.

In the car, the girl asks him point-blank whether or not he killed her father. He doesn’t answer her, but he does say that Proctor was a dirty lawyer with a lot of enemies. She quickly realizes that he’s going to try to trade her for the recordings, and that it might not end well for either of them. You can see Tommy growing a little sympathy and a lot of respect for the girl as she talks about her horribly traumatizing life. And then 2-Bit calls from his jailhouse burner.

In short order, Tommy learns that Dre killed Black Grimace and was behind the warehouse raid. And that changes his perspective on a whole lotta things. “I was wrong about my brother. Now he’s in trouble, and I gotta help him out,” Egan explains to his hostage, whom he drops at her aunt’s, unharmed. “Are you gonna kill him?” Elisa Marie asks. “No, I’m gonna save him,” he says.

SEE YA, SUCKERS! | Know who doesn’t like this new plan? Tariq. Tommy says that Ghost didn’t do any of the stuff Tommy thought he had, but Tariq counters that he ruined their lives nevertheless. If they save Ghost, Tommy counters, their bizarre triangle of blame and hate can be wiped out “and we can be a family again.” ‘Riq says nope, but he does tell his uncle that he saw Dre at Ghost’s celebration party at Truth.

Tommy doesn’t get very far before Vincent and his guys box in his car. He winds up killing all of them, but the violence delays him from getting to Truth in time to save Ghost. BUT TOMMY SEES WHO DOES IT, looking up at the balcony to where the person apparently is lingering. “Let her go. Let her go,” Ghost wheezes when Tommy pulls his gun and aims at the person (whom we do not see). Also: “Her?!” Does that mean Tasha is our triggerwoman? Update: I’ve since consulted the closed captions and realized that, although it sounds like Ghost is saying “Let her go,” he’s saying, “Let it go.” Very breathily. My bad!)

Ghost knows he’s about to become an actual fantasm, so he weakly urges Tommy to leave before law enforcement officials show up. Tommy begs his friend/enemy/friend again not to die, but of course, Ghost does. Tommy cries by the body but then skedaddles before anyone can see him there. He winds up at Kate’s house, where she has nothing but vitriol to spew at her son. “He saw a life beyond Queens, and you hated him for it,” she spits, adding that Ghost left them both something in his will, and she doesn’t need him anymore.

With nothing and no one to tie him to New York, Tommy clears out his apartment and makes plans for a fresh start in California. A call from 2-Bit alerts him to the fact that a) Dre is dead, and b) Spanky sold him out. So Tommy finds the bespectacled primera and kills him, right there on the sidewalk in broad daylight.

Tommy’s last errand before leaving town? He goes to Elisa Marie’s house, where she gives him all the copies of the recordings, which he destroys. She says she knows he killed her dad. He says that doesn’t matter, but “If you want to come and see me about it someday, I’ll understand.” As he cruises out of the city, a radio report posits that Tate may take Ghost’s place on Walsh’s ticket.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Who do you think killed Ghost? Let us know in the comments!

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