SVU Video: A Frustrated Victim Goes to Extremes to Get Olivia's Attention

Law & Order: SVU fans, you’re about to witness the moment Olivia Benson reads the writing on the wall. Literally.

In this exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode (NBC, 10/9c), we meet a stripper played by Tonya Glanz (Timeless). She’s been raped at her workplace and has reported the assault to her local police precinct. But as you’ll see in the clip, the officer in charge of helping her is no help whatsoever. After repeated follow-up calls prove fruitless, the woman — who’s also an artist — decides she’s going to channel her frustration in another way.

That’s where Olivia Benson comes in. As the Special Victims Unit boss walks a city street with her son, Noah notices some eye-catching posters glued to a wall. “A bad dream?” one reads. “Do nothing Donnie asked what I was wearing,” says another.

“Is it a movie?” a confused Noah asks. Liv remarks that she’s not sure exactly what they’re looking at, but she does know “It’s certainly not a kids’ movie.”

Olivia is deep in thought about the next poster — which shows a devil simultaneously spearing and slut-shaming an angel — when Noah excitedly alerts her to a mural-size illustration by the same artist. And the words that accompany that giant image make Benson realize that her workday probably just got a lot more complicated.

Series star Mariska Hargitay directed the episode, titled “She Paints for Vengeance.” The hour marks Hargitay’s seventh time helming the procedural.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Olivia’s impromptu art appreciation moment, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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