Smallville's Clark and Lois Still Exist, 'Crisis' EP Makes Clear — Plus, What Was the Plan for Their Lex Luthor?

Smallville Clark Lois

The following contains spoilers from the finale of The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event.

In Part 3 of The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, the Anti-Monitor successfully laid waste to every single Earth — including the one that our Oliver Queen, Barry Allen and Sara Lance called home, but also Earth-167, on which where we learned Smallville’s Clark Kent and Lois Lane reside.

But by the end of the crossover finale, Oliver-as-Spectre had used his mighty new powers to give birth to a new multiverse, and in a closing montage, we saw that a variety of familiar heroes (including Stargirl, the Doom Patrol and the Titans) populate the new, other Earths.

We did not, however, get any reassurance that Smallville‘s Clark and Lois had been “reborn.” But Arrowverse boss Marc Guggenheim is here to reassure fans of the network’s OG supercouple.

“I absolutely can confirm that they’re still alive, they’re still living their happy ending,” Guggenheim tells TVLine. Previously established to have given up his Kryptonian powers to lead a normal life as a family man, “Clark is getting the hero’s ending he deserves.”

Smallville Finale Lex ClarkGuggenheim also hinted at what the plan was to incorporate Smallville’s own Lex Luthor, had producers and Michael Rosenbaum been able to work out terms.

“We had a version where he would have been in the scene [on the Kent farm] with Tom, and then the clock ran out on that [due to Welling’s availability],” says the EP.

Plan B? “I then had the idea of having [Michael] and [Supergirl‘]s Jon Cryer have a scene together, which would have been really, really cool.

“Its a bummer,” Guggenheim concedes. “Michael is definitely the one that got away.”

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