Good Place Stars Reveal the Season 4 Jason Joke That Had Everyone on Set in Tears Laughing (Even Ted Danson)

The Good Place Jason Joke Season 4 Manny Jacinto

No one can resist giggling when Jacksonville’s own Jason Mendoza opens his mouth… even the Good Place cast and crew, apparently.

Series creator Michael Schur hinted last year that Season 4 featured a line from the lovable lunkhead that had the other actors laughing uncontrollably “for three and a half minutes” — and now we know which line that was.

“It was ‘Shawn, you used to be cool. But you’ve changed, man,'” Manny Jacinto, who plays Jason on the NBC comedy, reveals to TVLine. (That line of Jason’s came in last week’s Episode 10, with Jason and the Good Place gang battling against Bad Place demon Shawn, played by Marc Evan Jackson.) “It’s so slow of a line that you can’t get through it without cracking up.”

In fact, he and co-star William Jackson Harper (Chidi) still laugh when thinking about that moment on set. “Shawn has never been cool!” Harper points out. “No one’s ever liked him! It’s just out of nowhere. And the pause [Manny] took before it, and then the way [he] did it so slowly, like [he’s] really asking him to consider himself…”

The entire cast and crew had a hard time getting through a take without laughing — and that includes a TV legend. “Ted [Danson] cried,” Harper remembers, and “Marc Evan Jackson could not hold it together,” either, Jacinto adds. “I had to look at him straight in the face.” You’ll be able to see the tear-streaked hilarity for yourself on The Good Place‘s Season 4 blooper reel; meanwhile, The Good Place airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC, with the series finale airing Jan. 30.