Power Recap: Proof Paz-itive

Power Recap Season 6 Episode 12

I didn’t think Power‘s Paz had it in her to avenge her sister’s murder. And, as we learn in this week’s episode, she really didn’t.

Sure, you can argue that Paz might’ve actually gone through with offing Tommy after she learned that he was Angela’s actual killer. But a) he was gone, seemingly for good, which makes the discussion moot, and b) she hadn’t been able to do the deed earlier anyway, when she was sure Ghost was the man who needed to take a dirt nap ASAP.

And that’s a good thing! Paz is Power‘s stand-in for most of the audience, everyday people who don’t jump to “well, I guess I gotta kill him” when all other avenues to justice are blocked. She didn’t fatally shoot Ghost — and yeah, it looks like he’s really, truly and sincerely dead — and I, for one, am relieved. (Plus: My money’s on Tommy.)

Read on for the highlights of “He Always Wins.”

RUDE AWAKENING | Paz has a nightmare in which she’s running around the hospital where Angela died, demanding to know what’s up with her sister. But no one is there except for Ghost, who’s dripping in blood. “You weren’t here. You couldn’t stop me,” he says (brags?), and Paz wakes up in a panic.

Her agitated dad, who suffers from dementia, is yelling in the other room. He thinks she’s Angela, and she doesn’t have it in her to tell him that his other daughter is no longer with them. Paz’s son, Junior, is there, too. And they all witness the news report that says Jamie is going to be Lorette Walsh’s new running mate. This infuriates Paz, who sets out with renewed fervor to take him down.

But Tasha won’t help her, saying that any move to destroy Ghost ultimately will destroy herself and her kids. “There’s no beating him! He always wins!” the former Mrs. St. Patrick grouses. In frustration, Paz runs home and grabs Angela’s gun, vowing to take Jamie down herself. First, though, she stops at Angela’s old office. Warner informs her that Saxe has been fired and there’s pretty much nothing more they can do to go after St. Patrick. At Saxe’s place, he echoes his former boss’ sentiments and adds that Angela was in some serious trouble when she died — she was facing conspiracy charges, and she was going to be named as an accomplice in the murders of Mike Sandoval and Tony Teresi.

This revelation takes Paz back a bit, but she regroups and goes back to Warner’s office. “What would you say if I could give you a piece of evidence that connects Angela to the St. Patricks’ drug organization?” she asks, neatly grabbing his attention. Next thing you know, they’re exhuming Angela’s casket to get the burner phone Paz slipped in there at her sister’s funeral. But the SIM card is destroyed: There’s no hard evidence to show that the messages Angela sent went to Ghost, Tasha or anyone else shady. So then Paz volunteers to wear a wire and go talk to Jamie, and Warner OKs it.

PAZ’S PLAN BACKFIRES | The AUSA boss basically says, “Don’t try to get James to confess to Angela’s murder,” stressing that they need evidence to nab him on other charges. But Paz can’t help herself during the meeting at Truth. Of course, Jamie says nothing. And when Ramona arrives, the meeting is over. The worst part? Ghost said just enough to prove that Angela was breaking the law to help protect him, which means that her pension and benefits just went poof!

When Blanca (who’s sporting a nasty black eye) finds Paz to tell her that it’s the end of the line in terms of trying to hold Ghost accountable, Angela’s sister loses her mind a little. She runs to Tommy’s apartment and, citing his offer of help from the funeral, throws money at him and tries to order a hit on the man who killed her Angelita. “Yeah, I can’t do that,” he says — despite Paz’s obvious pain here, Joseph Sikora’s line delivery here made me laugh —  and he eventually bodily removes her from his apartment and locks the door behind her.

TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES | Paz goes home, cries herself to sleep and wakes up to find her gun and her son missing. Earlier, Junior had talked about getting justice for their family, and he’d mentioned the event at Truth that evening, so she knows exactly where he’s headed. She stops him and grabs the gun before he can get into the building, then decides that publicly killing a local politician-in-the-making is actually a good idea, after all.

But once she’s on the club floor and just a few feet away from Ghost, Paz can’t bring herself to take him out. She later tells her father what happened, starting to cry. He has a moment of lucidity where he recognizes her and tells her a nice story about how she got her name (to bring peace, or paz, to the family) and sympathizes with her about how “things came so easy for Angela. For you, always had to try so hard.” She thanks him, feeling a little better.

The next morning, Paz wakes up to the news that Ghost was killed at 11:45 the night before. She’s shocked. But she pulls herself together and gets Angela re-buried, then winds up at a lawyer’s office (hi, The Cosby Show‘s Geoffrey Owens!) because Ghost left her a “sizeable” inheritance. She refuses it, but then runs into Tasha in the reception area. Paz point-blank asks Ghost’s ex if she killed him. “You should take the money,” is all Tasha will say, then she drops the bomb that Tommy — and not Ghost — killed Angela.

That revelation changes Paz’s mind about a couple of things. She reverses her stance and accepts the money, which will allow Junior to go back to college and Paz’s father to be cared for in a nursing home. But then she also goes to Tommy’s with Angela’s gun, and this time, I think she really means it. But the door is open, and no one — and nothing — is there: The place has been cleared out. Tommy is gone.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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