Evil Finale Will Help Solve Puzzle of Numbers-Themed Episode Titles

Evil Episode Titles Numbers Mystery

Talk about the devil being in the details.

As Evil‘s Kristen, David and Ben use the ancient codex to explore the hierarchy of (alleged!) demons on Earth, viewers of CBS’ acclaimed freshman drama have their own mystery to solve.

Series creators Robert and Michelle King previously shared with TVLine’s Inside Line column, “There is a puzzle buried in each of the episodes, except the pilot. The numbers have to do with solving this puzzle.”

The “numbers” to which they referred are embedded in the episode titles, which to date have been “Genesis 1” (the pilot), “177 Minutes,” “3 Stars,” “Rose390,” “October 31,” “Let x = 9,” “Vatican III,” “2 Fathers,” “Exorcism Part 2,” “7 Swans a Singin'” and “Room 320.”

This title for this coming Thursday’s episode is “100 Days,” while that of the Season 1 finale (airing Jan. 30)… has yet to be revealed.

Asked to elaborate on the titles-based mystery, Robert King told TVLine on Sunday at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, “There is something in the finale that is going to bring together all of the puzzle pieces and the titles in some way that is to be solved.”

Not that you have to.

“Look, if you don’t want to be involved with that, you’re not going to be bothered by it,” King said. “But if you want to be involved with that, there will be something — and hopefully people will be happy that there’s something.”

About adding that extra layer of viewer engagement (as, we must note, NBC’s Blindspot has similarly done with episode titles), King said, “It’s not like we’re writing and not knowing what we’re doing, like some of the years of Lost. We do know what we’re doing.”

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