Stumptown Sneak Peek: Hoffman Requires Grey's Carjacking Expertise

Hoffman needs Grey to get back on his game and assist on a case in the Stumptown winter premiere.

In Wednesday’s episode (ABC, 10/9c), Hoffman turns up at Bad Alibi and reveals that a carjacking went down under his watch. He presents Grey with the details, then cashes in a favor with the ex-con.

“It wasn’t that long ago that I remember a certain somebody who was facing hard time for jacking a museum with Wallace Kane — and somehow, some way, didn’t do any time,” Hoffman says.

Grey tells Hoffman that he might be able to point him in the right direction, but a cop can’t just walk into any chop shop and demand answers. “Yeah, I figured as much,” Hoffman responds. “So, you still on your game?”

Hoffman and Grey’s interaction follows a rather tense exchange between the detective and Dex. This suggests that Hoffman didn’t get the response he was hoping for when he told the P.I. that he has feelings for her. (Need a refresher? Read our fall finale recap here.)

Elsewhere in Episode 10, titled “Reality Checks Don’t Bounce,” Dex is hired by a famous TV judge (Survivor’s Remorse vet Mike Epps) to help find his prodigal brother, then discovers that she’s not the only one looking for him. Meanwhile, back at home, Dex isn’t prepared for Ansel’s unexpected news… which probably has something to do with his decision to move out.

Press PLAY on the exclusive clip above, then hit the comments and let us know if you’re excited for Stumptown‘s midseason return.

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