Can Power's Blanca Stay a 'White Hat' Until the Very End? EP Weighs In

Power Season 6 Episode 12 Blanca Rodriguez

We get it, Blanca. It happens. You enter Starz’s Power as a do-right, stand-up law enforcement official focused on getting the bad guys. But pretty soon “nabbing the criminals” turns into “nabbing the criminals at any cost,” and isn’t the outcome all about the greater good, anyway?

Sunday’s episode found the stalwart New York Police Department detective, played by Monique Gabriela Curnen, taking a pretty bold step into not-OK police work: When Dre lied and said he’d been with Ghost while he killed Terry Silver, Rodriguez knew the shifty murderer was probably lying. But she needed his testimony in order to take James St. Patrick down, so she delicately shepherded Dre through his story until the statement provided the kind of just-detailed-enough, damning evidence that was required.

“She was a white hat,” showrunner and series creator Courtney Kemp tells TVLine. “That’s why she was called ‘Blanca’ [from] the beginning, because she really was pure.”

But if you know anything about the crime drama, it’s that the line between those who uphold the law and those who break it often becomes a grey blur.

“It’s our world,” Kemp acknowledges. “So as she gets more and more sucked into the world, she stays less and less clean. However, I will also say that the dirtier you are on our show, the longer you live.” The EP laughs. “So maybe it’s a good thing for her!”

As we saw in Sunday’s Dre-centric episode, the lead-up to the series’ finale will examine the day Ghost was shot — and apparently killed! — at Truth, approaching the event from the perspectives of the seven people who might’ve pulled the trigger. This week’s hour focuses on Paz, Angela’s grieving sister, who allies with Warner in a plot to arrest St. Patrick for Angie’s death. But uh-oh: Per the episode’s official synopsis, “things don’t go as planned.”

Do you think Blanca will be able to a) stay alive and b) stay clean-ish until Power‘s big finale? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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