Netflix's Cheer Sheds Light on 'Insane' College Squad — Watch Trailer

The Toros from Bring It On have nothing on this squad.

Welcome to the demanding world of competitive cheerleading, the setting for Netflix’s latest documentary series, Cheer, premiering Wednesday, Jan. 8. For the Navarro College team, the only thing higher than their twirls, leaps and vaults is the enormous stakes to win, as shown in the newly released trailer above.

Over six episodes, Cheer will tell the team’s stories of hard work, struggles and victories. Led by Monica Aldama, the junior college has secured 14 National Championships since 2000. People travel from all over the country to cheer for Aldama, lining up for the long hours and brutal workouts that will hopefully propel them to greatness.

“My goal was to be the best cheer program in the country,” says Aldama in the trailer.

The physical prowess of the team is impressive, but what’s more affecting is the inspiration and adversity behind it. Some of the young men and women come to Navarro shattered from broken homes or troubled pasts. “If I wouldn’t have come here, I’d be sitting in a jail cell right now,” confesses one woman.

Cheer will outline the team’s personal sacrifices and dream-crushing injuries as they steam toward the high-pressure National Championship. The trailer also shows Aldama’s dedication to her team members (“Those are my kids. I’ll fight tooth and nail for them.”) as she pushes them to perfection.

Just because winning is top of mind doesn’t mean the danger subsides. “Whoever thought of chucking someone into the air and seeing how many times they can flip…that person is psychotic,” states one of the female members. “But yet, I’m the crazy person that does it.”

Cheer is produced by the creative team behind Last Chance U. Producers include Greg Whiteley, Adam Leibowitz, Arielle Kilker and Chelsea Yarnell.

Will you be cheering on Netflix’s latest docu-series? Drop your thoughts on the trailer below! 


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