SVU's Fin and Kat Make More Waves at the Marina — 2020 FIRST LOOK

Did that SVU boat ride take a long time, or what? (Just kidding.)

The river cruise/get-outta-jail-free party that wealthy slimeball Steve Getz started out on in Law & Order: SVU‘s fall finale ends when the NBC procedural returns on Thursday, Jan. 9 (10/9c). And we’ve got your exclusive first look at who will greet the predator and his underage entourage when they return to the marina.

“Have you been here the whole time?” Getz (played by Vincent Kartheiser, Mad Men) snarks to Fin and Kat as he disembarks his yacht. “Give us some space.” But the police aren’t there for him “this time,” Kat says, ignoring some vitriol tossed her way by Getz’s associate Granya (Bree Turner, Grimm). Instead, they want to talk to Det. Bucci’s wife, who is — and we use this term incredibly loosely — “chaperoning” her daughters’ involvement with the man who enjoys passing teenage girls around to his friends.

What all of them don’t know (but we do, thanks to the final moments of the previous episode): Det. Bucci (Nicholas Turturro, Blue Bloods) is so distraught over Getz evading legal punishment, he’s followed Rollins to her therapy appointment… and is holding her and her shrink at gunpoint!

Press PLAY on the video above to get a good look at the hour, titled “Must Be Held Accountable,” then scroll down for the episode’s official promo. Finally, hit the comments with how you think Rollins will get out of this highly disturbing jam. Because she’s gotta… right?

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