The Ranch Gets Part 8 Premiere Date; Final 10 Episodes Drop in January

The Ranch Part 8 Premiere Date

Netflix will officially foreclose on Iron River on Friday, Jan. 24. That’s when Ashton Kutcher’s The Ranch is set to return with its final 10 episodes, bringing the Colorado-set sitcom to a close.

Back in June, Netflix announced that The Ranch would end after Part 8. At 80 episodes, it becomes the streamer’s longest-running multi-camera comedy, surpassing Fuller House (which will end its fifth and final season with 75 episodes).

The Ranch first premiered in April 2016. The R-rated multi-cam centered on Colt Bennett (Kutcher), a former semi-pro football player who returned to his family’s Colorado ranch and attempted to restore his relationships with his older brother Rooster (That ’70s Show co-star Danny Masterson), his mom Maggie (Terms of Endearment‘s Debra Winger) and his tough-as-nails dad Beau (A Star Is Born‘s Sam Elliott). Along the way, Colt rekindled his relationship with high school sweetheart Abby (Happy Endings‘ Elisha Cuthbert), whom he eventually married.

Masterson was eventually fired by Netflix following multiple allegations of sexual assault. The character of Rooster was killed off in a brutal motorcycle accident that would dramatically alter the series in Part 6. He was essentially replaced by Kutcher’s former Punk’d cohort Dax Shepard, who came on board as estranged cousin Luke Matthews.

When we last left the Iron River Ranch, Abby alerted the Bennetts that Nick was back in town. Beau headed down to Nick’s trailer park with a gun, while Colt (who blames Nick for Rooster’s death) and Luke (who wants to protect Mary) not far behind. Then, in the very last scene, Nick entered his trailer to find an unwanted visitor. “What the f—k are you doing here?” he asked, before a gun was fired. Because the confrontation happened inside, it’s not clear who pulled the trigger, or whether Nick was actually shot.

What are your hopes for The Ranch‘s farewell run? Hit the comments with your wish list.

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