9-1-1 EP Reveals the Deleted Maddie Subplot You Missed in the Fall Finale

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Maddie Buckley came into some money on last week’s fall finale of Fox’s 9-1-1, but curious fans will have to wait until the show returns in 2020 to find out what she’s going to do with it.

“Christmas came early,” Maddie’s lawyer told her after presenting a check for $486,329 — Maddie’s share of her and Doug’s marital assets. But Maddie, still haunted by the memories of her abusive ex-husband, wasn’t about to cash this “blood money” with a smile, even as Chimney reminded her, “That money is the least of what Doug owes you.”

“Look, Maddie, I have no sage words of wisdom here,” the lawyer said. “Keep it, donate it, burn it. It’s your call, because according to the state of Pennsylvania, that money is yours.”

The episode then followed Maddie back to the scene of Doug’s demise, where she finally vowed to put her traumatic past where it belongs. And as executive producer Tim Minear tells TVLine, the 9-1-1 operator’s journey to recovery isn’t over yet.

“There was a whole subplot in that episode where she actually did something with that money, and we shot it, but I took it out,” Minear reveals. “It’s not canon because it’s not in the episode. I think she’s going to make the decision to actually do something with that money [later this season].”

Other new developments in last week’s 9-1-1 fall finale included Hen and Karen’s decision to begin the adoption process, and the unfortunate reveal that Michael has a brain tumor.

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