SNL: Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd and James Corden Are the Trump-Teasing 'Cool Kids' of NATO — Watch Video

This week’s Saturday Night Live turned the NATO summit into the stuff of high school drama, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (played by Jimmy Fallon), French President Emmanuel Macron (Paul Rudd) and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (James Corden) sitting pretty at the cool kids’ table in the summit cafeteria.

When Alec Baldwin’s President Trump entered the room, looking for a place to eat his four hamburgers, the trio pointed him in the direction of… nerdy Latvia. “Oh, my God, I’m at the loser table!” it dawned on Trump. “I can’t believe they made me sit with the foreign kid.”

Meanwhile, the “cool” politicians gossiped about Trump (“Did you hear him talk about climate change? He said we need stronger toilets”) before inviting him to their totally real party… under the London Bridge. “You like younger women, but this party only has Macron’s wife,” who is older, Johnson joked. To which Trump happily replied, “I like when it’s mean, but not about me.”

After Johnson slapped an “Impeach me!!!” sign on Trump’s back, and as Angela Merkel geeked out over getting invited to sit with Macron & Co., the teasing was interrupted by a PSA from First Lady Melania Trump, reminding viewers that bullying is “a serious problem.”

Speaking of things that are a problem… “And also, I’d like to tell you about Peloton,” Melania continued. “Are you scared woman who’s trapped inside a mansion? Why not imagine biking away from it all on Peloton?”

What did you think of SNL‘s latest star-studded cold open? Click on the video above, then click here for a complete recap of the Jennifer Lopez-hosted episode.