Dublin Murders Sneak Peek: Cassie Encounters Her Dead Doppelganger

Dublin Murders‘ latest victim bears more than a passing resemblance to Det. Cassie Maddox, and in this exclusive sneak peek at Sunday’s episode (Starz, 8/7c), that fact is freaking her boss waaaaay the heck out.

We can’t blame him. You’ll recall that there’s already a lot of weirdness surrounding the dead woman. For starters, she called herself Lexie Mangan, which was one of Cassie’s previous undercover aliases. And she clearly bears an uncanny resemblance to Rob’s partner in crimefighting.

“This is not some straightforward identity theft from some random Jane Doe. Look at them, will ya, for chrissake, with your actual eyes! They could be twins!” Superintendent O’Kelly yells at Maddox and some of her fellow officers, who’ve gathered at the mortuary to view the body.

Episode 4 will find Cassie struggling to make sense of Lexie’s life at the same time she feels pressure to go to extreme measures to investigate the circumstances surrounding the woman’s death. Meanwhile, per the official episode synopsis, “Rob’s past finally yields some results in the Katy investigation.” (Trust us: You don’t want to miss this one.)

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Supt. O’Kelly nearly lose his mind in the morgue, then hit the comments with your up-to-the-minute theories on Dublin Murders‘ crimes.


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