The Arrowverse's Biggest Crossovers, Ranked From Worst to Best

Arrowverse Crossovers Best Worst

The Arrowverse’s most ambitious crossover is almost upon us, with “Crisis on Infinite Earths” set to kick off Sunday, Dec. 8 at 8/7c on The CW. But before we partake in that five-part event, TVLine is looking back at the franchise’s previous intra-show adventures and ranking them from ordinary to super.

We limited our list to only major crossovers that were a significant focus of their respective episodes. (Meaning, Felicity’s occasional trips to Central City didn’t make the cut. Ditto for when Lyla and/or Dig came to visit, or when Wally West sped over to help out the Legends of Tomorrow.) The rundown does include The Flash and Arrow‘s inaugural team-up, as well as the Scarlet Speedster and Girl of Steel’s first meeting and ensuing musical interlude.

Of course, all of the eventized crossovers — “Invasion!,” “Crisis on Earth-X,” “Elseworlds” — are represented, but they’re not all winners. Which one of them in fact landed on the bottom of the list? Which crossover impressed the most with its huge stakes? And which one had us wishing it had about 80-percent less plot?

Scroll through the gallery to the right (or click here for direct access) to review our crossover rankings, then hit the comments with your own list!