Evil's Mike Colter Previews David and Kristen's 'Horror Movie Bingo' Road Trip to See His Dad — Watch a Sneak Peek

At the very start of this exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s Evil (CBS, 10/9c), Kristen jokes that she and David are in such a remote area (no houses nearby, limited cell service) that all they need is car trouble to hit “horror movie bingo.” But it’s what happens next that seems to truly horrify Mike Colter‘s David.

The pair are on a road trip to visit David’s estranged father, Leon (played by Chicago Hope alum Vondie Curtis-Hall) at the artists’ commune where he lives. And there’s a good reason we haven’t heard the priest-in-training talk much about his family, Colter tells TVLine.

“David has obviously had a life prior to going down this pathway of the Catholic church,” the star says. “Usually if you don’t mention your father, or your parents, to someone, it’s probably because it’s usually something you don’t want to talk about.”

As the clip unfolds, Leon warmly greets his son and his partner, inviting them to stay the night even though he and David apparently haven’t spoken in years. “The relationship with his father has been strained, so this is something that now he has to deal with because it’s a connection to his work,” Colter explains, citing the demonic sigils David noticed in his father’s art at the end of the previous episode. “Now he has to go back someplace that he has avoided for a while.”

And when Leon assumes that Kristen and David are a couple, then starts talking about how he wants his seed “spread far and wide.” And just when David is probably thinking that eternal damnation might be less painful than enduring the current conversation, we learn that Leon’s got an even bigger bombshell to share.

Colter calls the hour “an adventure” for both his and Herbers’ alter egos. “They’re out of their element,” he says, chuckling. “There’s so many trippy things that go on that I can’t even tell you!”

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