Supernatural Twist: An Old Foe Is Back!

Supernatural Recap

Remember that story Chuck was writing on Supernatural? Well, it features one heckuva blast from the past. During Thursday’s episode, Dean and Sam are investigating a werewolf case when they discover that the sweet blonde girl they rescued is actually… Lilith! Yes, the white-eyed demon whose death released Lucifer from his cage over a decade ago in Season 4. (How’s that for a Throwback Thursday?)

Lilith was dead in the Empty, but then Chuck/God brought her back, she informs a gobsmacked Dean, whom she was originally planning to seduce. That plan went awry, but she still needs to retrieve the magic gun for Chuck.

“If God wants his little toy back, he can get it himself,” Dean says. So Lilith knocks Sam out — series finale twist: Sam’s been in a coma this whole time??? — and that gets Dean to change his mind. He drives her back to the brothers’ hotel room, where he refuses to give up the gun. Lilith is torturing Dean with death by a thousand cuts when Sam arrives and shoots her with a Devil’s Trap bullet. It works, but only for a couple minutes, after which she figures out that the gun is in the Impala. And when she finds it, she melts it.

It’s a big loss for Sam and Dean, who can’t believe they’re still trapped in Chuck’s maze. “This was supposed to be over,” an exasperated Dean says to Sam. “We were done, we were free, and now…. What are we supposed to do? We just keep running in this friggin’ hamster wheel until we die, or we get boring and he ends us?”

Sam responds that they fight, but Dean doesn’t know how they’re supposed to fight God, especially now that they don’t have the gun and Lilith is back.

Well, maybe Sam can one-up Chuck? Lilith’s comment that all of Chuck’s stories end the same, with one brother killing the other, spurs Sam to confide in Dean about his dreams/visions. In this episode, the visions feature both an evil Sam killing Dean, and a Mark of Cain-controlled Dean killing Sam. The younger Winchester suggests that the bullet wound created a link between him and Chuck, and he’s now seeing all of Chuck’s different endings.

Supernatural fans, what did you think of Lilith’s surprise comeback? This has to be the return co-showrunner Andrew Dabb was teasing, right?

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