Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Supernatural, SVU, Will & Grace, The Simpsons, H50, Chi Fire, Million Little Things and More

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Question: Real talk, real important — will we see the Ghostfacers during Supernatural‘s final season?! I kinda miss them! —Rachel
Ausiello: There are no plans to bring back the Ghostfacers right now, but co-showrunner Andrew Dabb notes, “We haven’t finished all the episodes yet, so there could be more still to come.” In the meantime, “I think we’ll definitely see some of the Wayward [Sisters] crew,” Dabb says, before dropping this tantalizing tease: “At least one [character] we haven’t seen for 11 years [will return]. So I think there’ll be some surprises from the past and present of the show.” Hit the comments with your theories on the mystery guest! (And no, it’s not Adam.)

Question: I’m already missing Will & Grace. Tell me something good about the final season — please. — Cal
How about this? You probably think that you know Season 11’s big surprise from the promos NBC’s been running ahead of Thursday’s premiere (9:30/8:30c). But I can tell you that you don’t know, er, Jack — Grace’s pregnancy is just the tip of the iceberg in “Eat, Pray, Love, Phone, Sex.” What’s more, the show has come up with a cute way to work in an appearance of sorts by one of its most iconic guest stars ever.

Question: I loved the Watchmen premiere. Got anything on upcoming episodes? —Jim
Ausiello: Regina King tells us that future episodes will offer up a lot more about why Angela picked that specific costume to wear while fighting crime. “We do find out why she chose Sister Night, and there’s an emotional pull,” she says. “You find out the backstory and why, but then there’s going to be another connection to it.” Bonus spoiler: Look for something big, blue and provocative to show up in Episode 3.

Question: Anything on the final season of Silicon Valley? —Josh
Ausiello: Sunday’s premiere potentially lays the groundwork for a really sweet romance between Jared and another character (whose name is not Richard Hendricks).

Question: Do you have updates on Hawaii Five-0? —Misty
Ausiello: On the heels of Lucifer booking its own Spartacus reunion, I have details on how Five-0 is bringing Katrina Law and Ellen Hollman, the Saxa to her Mira, back together (as teased on Twitter with the photo at right). Hollman will guest-star in an upcoming episode as the daughter of a man who is murdered, after which his rare and priceless tree is stolen; Quinn and Five-0 thus have questions for the victim’s kin, presumably asked while not wearing bikinis.

Question: I am worried about Maggie and Gary on A Million Little Things. Please make me feel better. —Sharon
Ausiello: You know what always makes me feel better? Speculation about an upcoming episode, based on seemingly unrelated phrases! So here you go, Sharon: chewed shoes, a purple folder, a sailor’s cap and sex in a closet. Have at it!

Question: I’ll take anything on SVU‘s Rollins and Carisi. Or Liv, if you don’t have Rollisi stuff. —Naomi
Ausiello: I can tell you that two of the people you named get into a highly emotional, verbal altercation in the middle of the squad room in this week’s episode.

Question: Walking Dead spoilers please. —Ed
Ausiello: Sunday’s “Silence the Whisperers” (AMC, 9/8c) is killer in more ways than one… which in and of itself doesn’t sound all that interesting, does it? Death is as much a part of the show as zombie makeup. But it’s the circumstances surrounding this week’s casualty that are so significant — and set the stage for long-term repercussions. The hour also includes a speed bump in an established relationship and the first blush of a new one in the making.

This AAnd That…
The Simpsons: There’s an episode coming up later this season in which Bart weaponizes — wait for it — spoilers. And it airs on Feb. 23, which is — wait for it — my birthday! I kid you not. Here’s the gist: As a result of a massive misunderstanding, Bart gets to see a cut of the unreleased sequel of the extremely popular Vindicator superhero movie franchise. And he uses spoilers from the not-yet-released film as blackmail to get what he wants. When two movie execs (played by, wink, wink, Marvel auteurs Joseph and Anthony Russo) discover Bart has seen the movie, they will stop at nothing to keep his spoiler knowledge a secret. Marvel CCO Kevin Feige also makes a cameo in the episode — titled “Bart the Bad Guy” — as the evil alien supervillain in the film, Chinnos (pictured, exclusively, here).
The Resident: Executive producer Todd Harthan coughed up a few more details about Devon’s forthcoming love interest, describing her as “glamorous” and “such a surprise” in the episode where she makes her debut. “I will tell you it’s not a physician of any kind, and it’s an out-of-left-field character. It’s shocking that she’s in the hospital,” Harthan teases. “Their bond is pretty great and interesting. It’s a very different flavor than what he had with [Julian], a very different flavor than what he had with Priya. [She’s in] a whole different area code that will be exciting to watch.”
Chicago Fire: Showrunner Derek Haas tells TVLine that we’ll get an update this season on Casey’s ex-wife Gabby (Monica Raymund). As for what’s coming up for the current ladies of Firehouse 51 (i.e. Brett, Foster and Stella) the trio “read in a firefighting magazine that a firehouse in Montecito has installed a women’s-only lounge, and they think that might be a good idea for them.”

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