Arrow Team Shares Memories and Tributes as Filming Wraps: 'What This Show Accomplished Is No Small Feat'

Arrow Series Finale

Arrow cast and producers aimed to hit the emotional bull’s-eye by sharing fond memories and powerful tributes as The CW’s flagship Arrowverse series filmed its final scenes on Wednesday.

Series lead Stephen Amell got the ball running days ago, by sharing the above photo and noting, “Tonight is the last night I wear the Arrow suit.”

But when the actual final day of filming arrived, consulting producer/former showrunner Marc Guggenheim tweeted out the note he shared with cast and crew, from him and current showrunner Beth Schwartz — seen below:


Schwartz herself remembered on Twitter how she “ordered a milkshake to my room after my very first night shoot [in Vancouver] and thought, ‘Wow, I really made it.’ I didn’t realize then that going to Vancouver would become the norm over the next eight years, that I would meet amazing people and work with incredible talent…. I will be forever grateful for this crazy and wonderful ride.”

Among original cast members, David Ramsey shared, “During my last week on Arrow, a lot of things fill my mind… but mostly family,” while Katie Cassidy Rodgers passed along a BTS group photo, remarking: “The amount of love and respect I have for this brilliant cast is insane. I couldn’t imagine the long nights with anyone else….. You all have inspired me in so many ways and I’m blessed to have been a part of this incredible journey.”

Juliana Harkavy shared a photo she took upon landing the role of Dinah Drake, who debuted midway through Season 5. “I took this photo almost four years ago. I’d just gotten off a call with Warner Bros. where I learned my life was about to change forever. My journey on Arrow had begun,” she wrote on Instagram. “I hope you enjoy this final season. And I hope when you look back, you’ll find this story has moved you, inspired you, and changed you for the better. Because of #Arrow, I have been changed, for good.”

To that, Amell replied, “It’s cool when you get to work on your dream job and also become best friends with someone” — a recurring theme among the cast’s social media expressions.

Colin Donnell, for example, recalled meeting Amell “and seeing the amount of sushi he was gonna down post-training session,” as well as “our first day of shooting spent laying on a wet pallet, and not wanting it to end.

“I’m proud to have been a part of it over the last eight seasons,” Tommy’s off-and-on portrayer continued, “but here’s what’s even more wonderful: I have always said that as I move from job to job, I’m lucky if I get to keep ONE good friend after I move on. With Arrow I’ve kept more than I thought possible.”

Colton Haynes similarly hailed the “beautiful humans [who] were with me through all the good and sad times and helped me through more than I can ever repay them for.” He then thanked Arrowverse overlord Greg Berlanti “for bringing me on this wonderful journey.”

Katherine McNamara, who joined Arrow midway through Season 7 and now is poised to co-star with Cassidy Rodgers and Harkavy on a potential offshoot, recalled, “When I began this job, I was poised and ready, excited to jump in and take on a legacy of being Olicity’s kid — to create such a rich, conflicted character based on a beloved relationship built by two brilliant actors for whom I have so much respect.

“What I found was a family who welcomed me in… who joined and supported my enthusiasm in bringing Mia Smoak-Queen to life,” she added. “No matter what the future holds, long live Star City.”

Arrow resumes its final, 10-episode season on Tuesday, Nov. 19. The series finale is set to air Tuesday, Jan. 28, 2020.

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