AHS: 1984 Finale Recap: Who Got the 'Happy Ending' They Deserved?

AHS: 1984 Recap

American Horror Story: 1984 reached its bloody conclusion on Wednesday with a massive time jump, a few oddly romantic twists and some well-deserved (not to mention thoroughly disgusting) justice.

First things first: That fan theory about Finn Wittrock playing a grown-up version of Jingles’ son was 100-percent correct. The finale began by jumping ahead to 2019, where Bobby Richter arrived at Camp Redwood — what was left of it, anyway — in search of answers about his father. As Montana explained, she hadn’t seen any newcomers since “that s–t show in ’89,” presumably referring to Margaret’s food and wine (and murder!) festival. In a somewhat surprising display of empathy, she then warned the handsome traveler that “everyone you see here is likely to kill you.”

Montana then introduced Bobby to Trevor, who was very disappointed (understandably so) to learn that aerobics has become “kind of a joke” in 2019. Trevor and Montana then returned the favor, disappointing Bobby by informing him that his father was dead. “He came here to do good, but dark forces took him away,” she explained. Bobby was sure that the anonymous checks he’d been receiving all his life were coming from his father, so he was pretty crushed by this news. Then again, the sudden discovery that he was in the presence of literal ghosts took his mind off of that pretty quickly.

Then came the real fun: We jumped back to Halloween 1989, where poor Courtney was the first to go. Margaret’s assistant informed her that Trevor was turning people away from the festival after learning of Kajagoogoo’s grim fate, sending her into such a blind rage that she literally shot the messenger. Margaret then turned her anger — and her gun — towards Trevor, shooting him in his baby elephant trunk and leaving him for dead outside of the campgrounds. (“Thanks for nothing, f–kface!”) Montana begged her beloved sex doll to crawl his way across the border, ensuring that they’d remain together for eternity, but he simply didn’t have the energy. Fortunately, Brooke showed up just in time to drag his dying body into camp because she’s a good person, damn it!

As Montana recalled, Brooke’s unexpected act of kindness changed everything. Not only did the ghosts formally end their killing spree, but they also took care of Margaret’s loose ends; they killed Bruce outside of Camp Redwood, ridding themselves of his goofy mustache for good, while Richard’s brutal demise went down in the confines of the camp. The ghosts have spent the last three decades keeping Richard at bay… until now. With the guards distracted — Chet just couldn’t resist Bertie’s seductive ways — Satan was able to intervene, freeing Richard from confinement and nearly killing Bobby once and for all.

Per a tip from the ghosts, Bobby ventured to Red Meadows Asylum, where Donna filled in a few blanks from Halloween 1989 — the night she became the final girl! After Brooke died (boo!) fighting Margaret, the ghosts teamed up against the nefarious camp director, literally cutting her limb from limb before tossing her various parts into a wood chipper. (It was gross. And glorious. But mostly gross.) After processing this heartwarming tale, Bobby thanked Donna for sending him the money. After all, who else could have been filling his bank account?

Well, it turns out Donna wasn’t the final girl. Brooke has been living undercover this whole time, eating Splenda by the barrel full with her handsome dermatologist husband. She barely survived her scuffle with Margaret, just enough that Ray was able to fix up her wound and send her on her way. “I needed to believe that a normal life was possible after Camp Redwood, a glimmer of hope after all that darkness,” Brooke told Bobby. “Your dad was that for me.” She said she sent him money so that he might be free of “that awful legacy.” Donna and Brooke also agreed to both be the final girl. (Yay!)

Then came the most unexpected twist of all: A happy ending. Bobby returned to Camp Redwood in search of his father (again!), and although Margaret nearly killed him in the process, he still got to give Papa Jingles a big ol’ hug. When Margaret made a brief comeback, Lavinia materialized to put her in her place. “Leave him alone,” she commanded. “He deserves a happy ending.” And so, Bobby departed Camp Redwood once and for all… with the ghosts of his father, grandmother and tiny uncle reunited… and Mike & The Mechanics’ “The Living Years” playing in the background. It was… lovely?

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