American Horror Story: 1984 Finale: Burning Questions We Need Answered

AHS: 1984 Finale

Ready or not, Wednesday’s episode of American Horror Story (FX, 10/9c) marks the end of 1984, bringing the anthology series’ shortest season yet to an abrupt finish.

And like all seasons of AHS, we’re heading into this finale with a wish list of questions we need answered:

Who will be the final girl? | We’re starting with this question, since we’re pretty sure it’s the only one guaranteed to get an answer. Brooke, Donna and Margaret all seem like strong possibilities — mostly because they’re among the lucky few who haven’t already died — but given Horror Story‘s penchant for last-minute twists, isn’t it also possible that the final “girl” will actually be Richard? After all, it was mentioned in Hotel that Richard died of Leukemia in 2013, so doesn’t that mean he’s guaranteed to survive this finale?

What the Falchuk is that creature in the lake? | It’s worth noting that even though Mr. Jingles killed himself in Episode 7, he didn’t actually find “peace” until that freaky lake creature gobbled him up at the end of Episode 8. Coincidence? Who the heck knows. (Many fans are speculating that the lake creature is Bobby, the brother Jingles let die at Camp Golden Star. Frankly, that guess is as good as any at this point.)

What’s the secret to finding “peace”? | So far, the only characters who have managed to find any form of happiness in the afterlife are Jingles, Lavinia and Bobby. When Jingles asked her how he can move on, Lavinia offered this vague explanation: “The past will haunt you forever if you let it.” But did that really explain anything?

How can Lavinia’s “blood curse” be broken? | This question sort of piggybacks off the last one, but it also involves the other spirits still trapped within the confines of Camp Redwood. What will it take to free them from their eternal prison? Montana seems confident that if everyone waits long enough, someone with the necessary abilities will show up to save the day. But that individual would need to survive long enough to help, which doesn’t exactly vibe with the ghosts’ kill-first-ask-questions-never approach to newcomers. (Another popular fan theory is that the 1984 finale is going to give us a major time jump before introducing Finn Wittrock as the grown-up version of Jingles’ son.)

Which burning AHS: 1984 questions would you add to our list? Drop ’em in a comment below.