This Is Us Video: 'Dejik'? 'Malaysia'? Whatever You Call It, Randall Is Determined to Shut. It. Down.

This Is Us‘ Randall and Beth prep for a very important dinner in this exclusive clip from Tuesday’s This Is Us (NBC, 9/8c). First course on the menu? Laying down the law regarding Deja’s nascent relationship with Malik.

“C’mon, Beth. There’s a boat. You and I are in the boat. The plan is to get Malik’s parents to join us in said boat. Destination: Splittsville Dejik!” Randall announces to his wife, who asks him not to give their teen daughter’s romance a ‘ship name. (Though we’re kinda partial to his other suggestion: “Malaysia” — get it? Malik + Deja?)

Though Beth takes a softer approach, pointing out that the meal is really just a chance to see what Malik’s parents are like, Randall is very clear in his objectives for the gathering. “He’s too mature for her, and he got her to skip school,” he counters. “Deja lied to us.”

Then the two get into a discussion that involves Romeo and Juliet, open-toed shoes and their shared American Express card. (We’ll let you experience it for yourself.)

Tuesday’s installment of the family drama primarily unfolds over two very important dinners: the aforementioned get-together between Deja’s and Malik’s parents and the time that Jack and Rebecca Pearson invited Randall’s teacher, Mr. Lawrence, to their home.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Randall and Beth prepare, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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