Kimmel and Fallon Teach How to 'Know Your Jimmys' in Late-Night Crossover

David Letterman and Jay Leno would never!

Jimmy Kimmel joined forces with late-night “rival” Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to help viewers tell the two talk-show hosts apart. After clarifying why people so often get them confused — they both wear suits, they both have dark hair, and they’re “both white guys, which is not as exciting as it used to be,” Kimmel remarked —  the Jimmys tried (and failed) to prove that they are in fact two entirely different people.

While Kimmel and Fallon were willing to overlook a series of minor coincidences (which included their place of birth and their five favorite breakfast cereals), the hosts were unable to get past the results of a recent DNA test — or their shared hatred of Matt Damon.

Fallon’s Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance marks the latest in a series of late-night crossovers. Back in June 2018, Fallon and Stephen Colbert orchestrated a cold open with Conan O’Brien in response to President Donald Trump’s vicious remarks about late-night comedians. Then, this past July, Colbert came on The Tonight Show to help Fallon recreate the NeverEnding Story duet from Stranger Things Season 3.

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