Colbert Joins Forces With Jimmy Fallon and Conan to Talk Trump — Watch

How are the hosts of late night TV responding to President Trump’s vicious attacks? By teaming up… and whimpering a bit.

In this jointly produced cold open that will kick off both tonight’s Late Show (CBS, 11:35/10:35c) and Tonight Show (NBC, 11:35 pm ET), Stephen Colbert is putting the finishing touches on his monologue when he gets a video-chat call from rival Jimmy Fallon. (They greet each other with: “Hey, lowlife!” “Hey, lost soul!”) When Colbert asks Fallon what he’s up to, Fallon admits he’s “mostly whimpering,” and Colbert sternly reminds him to “be a man.”

Neither of them watched the rally where Trump attacked them, and when Fallon says Trump called them “no-talent, lowlife, lost souls,” Colbert objects: “That’s not right… that’s Conan!” With that, he dials in TBS host Conan O’Brien, who seems blissfully unaware that Trump is even in the White House: “The real estate guy who sells steaks? He’s President?!” He warns his fellow late night hosts to just “give him time” and to “be civil”… before offering to shave his chest hair for them.

Before Colbert and Fallon sign off, they agree to meet for lunch… at the Red Hen restaurant, of course.

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