This Is Us Video: Kevin Meets Cassidy's Soon-to-Be-Ex and It Gets Frosty Fast

This exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday’s This Is Us (NBC, 9/8c) takes place in a hockey arena, but that chill you feel? It’s not coming from the ice.

The wintry blast might, however, have something to do with the fact that Kevin and Cassidy’s maybe-soon-to-be-ex-husband Ryan (played by Revenge alum Nick Wechsler) are meeting each other for the first time. And we don’t think we’re going out on too far a limb to say that Ryan isn’t the former Manny’s biggest fan.

The occasion for all of this togetherness: a special veterans’ salute at Matty’s hockey game, where Cassidy and her fellow military members will be honored for their service. In the exclusive video above, Cassidy is quick to point out that Ryan is only there because he’s a good dad — and that does seem to be the case, given how taciturn he is with both his estranged wife and her new friends from Alcoholics Anonymous.

Kevin, of course, tries his best to turn on the charm with Matty’s wary dad. It doesn’t really work. “Glad to meet the adult man my 9-year-old son keeps saying is one of his best friends,” Ryan says snarkily.

Press PLAY to see how the interaction goes — as well as to hear Nicky’s commentary on all the awkwardness — then hit the comments with your predictions for how Kevin and Cassidy’s friendship (or is it more?) will play out. 

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