The Resident EP on How That Episode 4 Dream Will Affect Mina and AJ

The Resident Mina AJ

Thus far, The Resident‘s Mina and AJ haven’t acted on their mutual romantic feelings for one another — but Mina’s subconscious had something to say about that.

On the Fox drama’s Oct. 15 episode, the Chastain Park doctors got stranded in a creepy rural town after AJ’s car broke down en route to a medical conference. The pair was forced to stay the night while the vehicle was repaired, and Mina had an intense dream that evening in which she and AJ finally kissed.

Later in the episode, Mina nervously waited in the wings before giving an important speech at the conference, but she was calmed by AJ’s encouraging texts — and she nearly sent him a heart emoji in response, before opting for a more casual thumbs-up.

Though series co-creator Amy Holden Jones previously nixed the idea of a Mina/AJ romance in Season 3, executive producer Todd Harthan hints that their relationship will still take important steps forward in upcoming weeks.

“What we’re exploring now is not so much the Raptor’s side of it. He, as the mentor, will always toe the line and will not cross that line,” Harthan confirms. “For [Mina], this episode was more about being honest with herself about how she feels. In being honest, it doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to cross a line, but will she at least express how she feels to Raptor in an upcoming episode? Certainly keep watching.”

Harthan adds that Mina and AJ will walk a tightrope at Chastain Park as they figure out how to work together while knowing “the truth is that they’re potentially in love with each other.”

“It’s a progression for Mina, but as we dig into this next batch of episodes, you’ll see how that further complicates these two characters,” he continues. “We are always discussing and constantly trying to figure out how to get the most interesting and complicated dramatic storyline out of it. We’ve got some cool stuff planned.”

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