The Voice Season 17's 10 Best Blinds, Ranked — Have We Picked the Winner?


In the span of a commercial break, The Voice went from the conclusion of its Season 17 Blind Auditions to the beginning of its Battles Monday evening. So, before we lose any more contestantsJosie Jones has already sung her swan song — TVLine is taking a look, and a listen, back at the Blinds, rating the best of the best contenders from the least likely to likeliest to make it all the way to the Finals.

Mind you, our track record is spotty at best. In the five seasons that I’ve been recapping the show, I’ve only correctly predicted the future winner once after the Blinds (Season 16’s Maelyn Jarmon). And twice, the eventual victors weren’t even in my Best-of-the-Blinds countdowns (Season 15’s Chevel Shepherd and Season 13’s Chloe Kohanski).

Still, I have a good feeling that Season 17’s champ is, if not in the top spot on this list, at least on it — almost every singer who came in at No. 1 on TVLine’s post-recap polls during the Blinds made the cut. So if I’m wrong, at least I’m in good company. Ready to take a peek at the picks? Click on the gallery to the right or go here for direct access. Then hit the comments with the singers that you would have added/omitted.

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