Lucifer First Look: Tricia Helfer Is Back in Season 5, But Mom Seems... Different

Lucifer Season 5 Tricia Helfer

Tricia Helfer is set to put in an appearance during Lucifer‘s fifth and final season, though this time she looks less “sexy mother of the sexy Devil” and more… “June Cleaver.”

TVLine has learned that the Cylon-turned-Dracula recently filmed an encore on the supernatural-tinged drama, on which she last appeared at the end of Season 3. And from the looks of our exclusive photo below, Charlotte has traded her leather jacket and pencil skirts for a sensible dress and a strand of pearls.

Check out the photo below, and share your theory on Helfer’s new look.

Lucifer Season 5 Helfer

As announced in July, Lucifer‘s farewell run was expanded from 10 episodes (the length of its first Netflix season) to a robust 16. Thus far the titles of the first four episodes — as revealed via Twitter quizzes (and always representing snippets of dialogue, remember) —  are “Really Sad Devil Guy,” “Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!” (which you must reckon is someone channeling Beetlejuice), “¡Diablo!” and “It Never Ends Well for the Chicken.”

Season 4 ended with — SPOILER ALERT — Lucifer making a major sacrifice by leaving Earth’s surface to return to and serve as king of Hell, lest the demons there continue to be restless and attempt escape. Of course, his difficult decision came on the heels of him revealing “the full Devil” to Chloe, who not only accepted it but uttered, “I love you” for the first time. Luci in turn acknowledged that the prophecy was wrong in that his “first love” was never Eve, but the detective.

Co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson told TVLine they have known Season 5’s opening sequence “literally since we started Season 4,” with the former adding: “We also have one other, really fun toy to play with, that we know is going to be a big guiding factor in Season 5 — so we’re excited about that, too.”

A premiere date/roll-out plan for Lucifer Season 5 has not yet been announced.

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