9-1-1 Sets Buck on a Troubling New Path — Whose Side Are You On?

9-1-1 Recap Season 3

Buck returned to work on Monday’s 9-1-1, though not quite in the capacity he would have liked. Sure, the guy can pull off any look, but it still felt unnatural seeing him wearing a tie. And don’t even get me started on all that paperwork he had to fill out. This hero should be holding a sword, not a pencil!

Still, the sidelined firefighter maintained an upbeat attitude in his new position, confident that hard work and dedication would get him his old life back. “If there’s one thing I learned from that tsunami, it’s that I don’t quit,” he told Bobby. “I fight. And I keep on fighting till I get back to where I belong.” That said, Buck had every right to fear that he’s being replaced, especially after Bobby literally — and lazily — taped over his name to give Lena a place to hang her hat.

So imagine Buck’s devastation when he learned that Bobby was the one who deemed him unfit to return to active duty. “You’re not ready,” he explained. “That’s what I told them when they asked.” Actually, you don’t have to imagine; his hasty, tearful exit from dinner at Bobby and Athena’s pretty much said it all.

And Buck wasn’t exaggerating when he said he was willing to fight his way back into the 118; he even met with a lawyer to discuss suing the city, agreeing to cut himself off from anyone connected with the situation until everything is settled. “I’m alone in this fight,” he said. (So much for the speech he gave that same lawyer earlier in the episode about how Bobby and the gang are “more than co-workers or friends. They’re my family. And there’s nothing stronger than family.”)

Then came the point of no return: Buck paid a late-night visit to Bobby and Athena’s, during which he officially informed them that he’s suing the city, the department and Bobby for wrongful termination. “This will be the last time we can talk for a while,” he said. “I told you I wouldn’t stop fighting until I got my job back, and I won’t — even if it means fighting you.”

Oh, snap. This means war.

Elsewhere this week…

* Unfortunately, Buck isn’t the only member of his family heading down a dangerous path. A momentary flashback to Maddie’s life with Doug sent her spiraling, ultimately inspiring her to get a little too involved with a distressed caller. After concluding that a woman was trying to gather the courage to report her abusive husband, Maddie inserted herself into the woman’s life, joining her gym and hiring her as a personal trainer. (Mind you, this was after Maddie parked outside the woman’s house and nearly ran over her husband. So maybe “a little too involved” is an understatement.)

* As seen in TVLine’s sneak peek of this week’s episode, Christopher has been experiencing night terrors ever since the tsunami, though his therapist’s main concern is the drowning woman who’s been appearing his drawings. After a heart-to-heart with Lena, Eddie gathered the courage to ask his son about this mysterious woman, who turned out to be — hold for tears — Shannon. Considering how much this poor little boy has been through, I’m impressed he’s able to get out of bed in the morning, much less brighten everyone else’s life.

* As they begin the in vitro fertilization process, Hen and Karen still aren’t egg-xactly sure what to egg-xpect from the addition of another family member. But an egg-xhilarating series of sibling-related emergencies convinced Hen that giving their child someone to bond with is an egg-cellent idea.

Your thoughts on this week’s 9-1-1, specifically Buck’s decision to wage war on Bobby? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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